Friday, 24 April 2015

Spring Ramblings

It has been a little time since I last posted.  That tells us two things: first, that everything is going so well that there is nothing untoward to report; second, I have been kept so  busy that I have not had time to "put pen to paper"

We had our agm in March as usual and the treasurer was able to report that numbers had continued to rise over the year; as a result he had not charged the extra £5 on the renewals as proposed at the agm in 2014.  He had taken this decision because the Club finances were so strong that he did not want to make undue profit, however, he will keep the £5  "up his sleeve" just in case.

He then dropped his second bomb shell:  The additional 50p on the entrance charge, introduced last year, was also not required so it too was to be scrapped.  Two price reductions in one year!  How many organisations could match that?

Where are all the children?  We are family orientated and have the most marvellous children's corner for the toddlers and the pool has a fairly large shallow end, especially to cater for the young ones.  Malcolm brings his grandchildren on a regular basis but where are all the others?  We don't charge for the children so they get a free swim.

We get enquiries on a regular basis, many are from people that are new to naturism.  OK! it  is is a big step when you have never experienced social nudity before, but as we old hands know, it is not such a big deal once you've tried it and the only thing you lose is your embarrassment.  So give it a go, we would love to see you.

If you are looking for the 2015 dates, you need to go back to the post before this one

Friday, 24 October 2014


Enquiries 01522 871096, (please note: if you withhold your number the call is blocked).
email:  (when mailing please include your contact number)
Location: Sleaford Leisure Centre, Eastbanks, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 7ET
Swim Times 7.30 till 9.30pm. 
Cost: £7 per adult, children under 18 free if attending with family


Swim Night
Swim Night
Swim Night
Swim + Guest Night (co2)
Swim + AGM
Swim + Suntreckers
Swim + Spring BBQ
Swim Night
Swim +First timers (co1)
Swim Night
Swim Night
Swim +First timers (co1)
Swim Night
Swim + Summer BBQ

Swim Night
Swim Night

Swim Night
Swim Night
Swim +First timers (co1)
Swim Night

Swim Night
Swim Night

Christmas Poolside Party (co2)

Notes: co1=costume optional for first hour
            co2=costume optional all evening

No need to book  We welcome visitors to our events you do not have to book before-hand so just turn up with your towel and a committee member will sign you in and show you round.  We are also children friendly and have the greatest kid’s corner you could imagine.  The children are free and there is no school next day so bring them along.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Half-time Report

Half way through the year already!  Many of us are looking forward to the Summer Holidays, however, the swim will be carrying on as normal and we have plenty to offer.  28 June is the second of our "First Timers Night".  Now of course you do not have to be a first timer in order to attend, but for those who have not tried naturism before and are wanting to give it a try, it is a softer way in.  Costumes are optional for the first hour so it gives the raw beginner a chance to settle the nerves before taking that first step.

12 July is the time of our second BBQ.  There are many who don't believe that we hold a naturist BBQ.  OK the proof is in the eating, literally.  Our gallant cooks will be bashing up the sausages, chicken pieces and burgers with their usual flair and there are always masses of salads and other accompaniments to go with the meats.

And so through the rest of the year.  11 October is another "First Timers Night"  November is the jewel in the crown, we all meet in a suitable pub for the annual Christmas Party.  This year we are going back to the Finch Hatton Arms.  We will be taking names soon so make sure you are on the list.  Last, but by no means least, 13 December is our famous 'Poolside Party'  We are trying something a little different this year; it is costume optional all evening, a chance to bring your non-naturist friends and relatives along.

Footnote:  We frequently get enquiries asking what ID we require from people attending our event for the first time.  We have never demanded ID and do not intend to do so in the future.  We do ask visitors to fill in a simple form and we trust them to do so honestly.  We cannot see the point in demanding ID, as many other clubs do, because it tells us nothing about the person what-so-ever.  So if you want to attend one of our functions, you will be most welcome; put your details on our form, bring a towel and pay the £7 visitor's fee but most of all ENJOY THE EVENING.

Monday, 10 March 2014

AGM Price Increases

At the agm on 9th March 2014.  The Treasurer announced that the fees for hiring the Leisure Centre had been increased.  The effect of the increases was that hire costs had increased by 25%.  For the 6 months since October 2013 the Club had borne the cost but now some adjustments had to be made.

The Treasurer was encouraged by the fact that attendance had risen since returning to the Leisure Centre and was now in line with the figures up to October 2012, when the Centre closed.  With this in mind and anticipating that the numbers would be maintained or even bettered, he was able to keep the increases to a low and hopefully acceptable level.

From 22nd March 2014 the prices will be:

Old Price
New Price
Annual Subscription (club members)
Admittance (club members)
Admittance (visitors)
No change

The members were happy with the proposal and the new prices were passed unanimously.

Friday, 17 January 2014

2014 Starts Well

2014 has started well.  Over 50 attended the first swim on 11th January.  The next event is on 25th January and then it's into February.

What problems have been experienced at the revamped centre?  Well none really the committee were aware that the new front of the complex was all glass as was the screen between wet side and the foyer.  In simple terms, it is possible to see into the pool from the path running alongside the river.  Obviously this couldn't be left like this.  Whilst we have a relaxed attitude towards nudity, not everybody shares our view and we would not want to cause upset to people passing by on their legitimate business.  A large roll of agricultural black plastic, a length of clothes line and a number of sucker hooks solved the problem.  It's a bit like entering the kasbah but it does the trick.

We have been getting a number of enquiries since our return.  Actually, there is no need to ask first, or make an appointment, we are happy for people to just turn up on the night; but if you want to contact us before hand then we are very happy with that too:

  • Email: when emailing it is helpful if you include your 'phone number
  • Phone:  01522 871096.  Note, if you withhold your number you will not be connected.
Don't forget, if you bring your children they are admitted free.  They will love the kiddy corner and there is no school the next day so bring children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces.

Hope to see you all there.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


On 26 October Sleaford Swim returned to its spiritual home following a £2.8m refit.  Boy what a result!  The revamped centre is amazing.  The pool has been stripped out and remodelled and re-tiled.  It actually now looks bigger.  The sauna and steam room are fantastic as for the children's corner, my grandchildren thought they had gone to heaven, it is unbelievable.  

Under 4's splash zone at Sleaford Leisure Centre

If you are within striking distance of Sleaford, you absolutely must visit.  The facility is truly fantastic and of course we still offer a friendly and welcoming face to all visitors.  Bring the children, they get in free and they will love it.  We meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 7.30 until 9.30pm.  No need to book, just turn up.

See you there.